Collectible Very Old Indus Valley Agate Bead Strand

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Exquisite finely cut & matched strand of very old flat tabular shaped red sard agate stone beads. Fine examples of master craft bead making from the ancient world. Beads condition remains robust with only minor chips and fading.


Largest bead is only 9 x 9mm - these beads are SMALL so make sure to check the sizing.


Stone: Agate / Sard Agate
Origin: Sourced from Pakistan Border Region
Condition: Robust Worn Condition. Some Expected Digs Chips & Fading.
Age: Est. Age 1500 ears or More
Bead Size: Smallest Bead 3 x 3mm largest Bead 11 x 8.20mm
Quantity: One 18 Inch Strand. 68 Beads as Shown
Perforation: Bead Drilling Approx. 1mm
Weight: 13 Grams