Reworked Old World Agate Beads Strand

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Finely shaped strand of ancient world mostly agate stone beads.

These beads have been reshaped from original old damaged & broken beads - all work has been done by hand to create exquisite unique one of a kind bead-art jewelry.

Very old beads gives a new lease on life


Stone: Agate & Quartz
Origin: Sourced from Pakistan Border Region
Age: Est. Original Beads - 1000 Years or More. Reworking is Recent.
Condition: Reworked/Reshaped & Reground
Bead Size: Approx. Smallest 4 x 3mm Largest 24 x 10 - 13mm
Perforation: Bead Drilling Approx. 1.5 - 2.5mm
Quantity: One 17 Inch Line as Shown
Weight: 26 Grams