Collectible Very Old Quartz Bead Strand

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Exquisite strand of mixed shape ancient world quartz gemstone beads. Beautiful beads with outstanding age worn patina acquired from a long journey through time. Sourced from Afghanistan & Pakistan border regions.

Tiny spacer beads are new glass.


Stone: Quartz + 1 Glass Bead
Origin: Most Likely Western Asia
Condition: Robust Worn Condition - Chips & Abrasions Present
Age: Estimated Around 1000 - 2000 Years
Bead Size: Smallest 7 x 6mm Largest Bead 17 x 11mm
Quantity: One 17 Inch Strand. 45 Beads as Shown
Perforation: Bead Drilling 1.5 - 2 mm
Weight: Approx. 40 Grams