Indus Valley Old Carnelian Agate Bead Strand

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Beautiful strand of collectible ancient carnelian & agate beads sourced from Afghanistan/Pakistan region. Nicely matched for size & shape. Beads continue to display rich color & have a rugged worn robust condition.

These are not African traded beads - they have come from border regions of Pakistan & Afghanistan. Toffee color central tabular bead measures 33 x 30mm x 8mm.


Stone: Mostly Carnelian & Agate
Origin: Sourced from Pakistan/Afghanistan Region
Condition: Robust Worn Condition - Some Digs & Chips.
Age: Est. Age1000 Year or More
Bead Size: Smallest 5mm. Largest 33 x 30mm
Quantity: One 17 Inch Strand. Approx. 31 Beads.
Perforation: 1.5 - 2.5 mm
Weight: 88 Grams